How to Make Nutella Crepes

July 4, 2012  |  How to make crepe

A crepe is a very this pancake that is always sweet and savory. It is originally known to have been a French delicacy but is has become popular all over the world. It is basically a gourmet breakfast and is always available in various restaurants. Most of the Crepes are always filled with chocolate, cream or fruits. Some of the most famous and desired crepes are the nutella crepes for their outstanding flavor. It is therefore worth to learn how to make nutella crepes as this will go along way in rewarding yourself with an excellent delicious breakfast at your own convenience.

Many procedures have been developed on how to make nutella crepes. However, continuous practice and patience are necessary values in order to comfortably be able to make crepes from home. Out of the various recipes used to make nutella crepes, the following recipe will go along way in preparing delicious crepesHow to make nutella crepes, ingredients

· 1tablespoon sugar

· 1 1/8 cups flour

· 3 beaten eggs

· Pinch salt

· 1 tablespoon butter, that is melted and cooled

· 1 tablespoon brandy, 1 ½ cups milk

· 1 teaspoonful of vanilla

· Nutella


Pour the flour, the milk, eggs, sugar, butter and vanilla essence into and bowl and mix the ingredients. A whisker is mostly preferred for making the mixture smooth and leaving no lumps.

Turn the stove on and regulate the heat into a medium low temperature and put on the crepe pan. After the pan is warm, a teaspoon of butter is eventually melted for ease of maneuvering the crepes as they cook.

About ½ cup batter is poured and swirled in the pan to completely spread all over. It is advisable to be vigilant at this stage as the crepes burn quickly. When the crepe’s edges turn brown, they are immediately flipped over for the other side to cook without turning brown.

The crepe is again flipped for the well-brown side to touch the pan again as the pan is out of the stove. Two tablespoonfuls of are heaped on the center on one side as the crepe has completely dried and has been transferred in a plate. Whipped cream is spread on the remaining parts as chopped strawberries are added and other desired flavors.

Fold the crepe in two or thirds or even roll it as you wish in order to seal the nutella fillings. Two crepes are allotted for each person and are always placed on a plate. An ice cream scoop can be added beside the crepes on the plate.

More over, toasted crushed nuts can be sprinkled over the ice cream and the crepes are preferably served while warm. For the nutella to seep out and form a slightly dark pool around, it should first be thinned by warming for it to be easily pourable.

As from the procedures, it is easy to learn how to make nutella crepes within a short time. However, it is important to ensure that the crepe maker is appropriate to avoid difficulties when learning how to make nutella crepe. Other than the pan, all the ingredients should be available and well mixed to ensure that the ultimate results are attained.

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