Basic Crepe Fillings that will Make your Kids Ask for More

July 4, 2012  |  How to make crepe

Eating your favorite crepe would be very boring if it doesn’t have some filling; it may taste like a tissue paper. That is an exaggerated side comment but seriously who would want to eat a plain crepe. Your kids might tell you that your crepe is terrible. For that not to happen, better reinvent your crepe and make them beg you to make them one.

The filling inside your crepe is the most enticing part of eating a crepe. It does not only make your crepe looks good but it will make you salivate. If you want your crepe to be a total knock out to your children and even your visitors in your house, you should think of a creative way on how to make crepe filling.

Most of you might ask how to make a crepe filling when all you know your life is just making a plain crepe. Well, if you already know how to make a simple crepe, then it’s time for you to upgrade your crepe skills into the next level—making a delicious crepe filling.

One thing to consider on how to make crepe filling is the attractiveness of the ingredient that you will be using. Here are some of the two basic crepe fillings that you might want to try in your own homes:

Strawberry Filled Crepes

Strawberries if being ornamented on the crepe will provide you knock-out-good-looking crepe. Get fresh strawberries in your nearest supermarkets and make use of it as your filling. This crepe filling is very simple. Slice your strawberries into considerable attractive chunks. Grab a bowl and mix your softened cheese, confectioner sugar, one tablespoon lemon juice and zest, a bit of vanilla extract and whipped cream. Once properly mixed, lay down your pancake in a plate and start filling the cream. Once done. Ornament your sliced strawberries into the pancake. You can do whatever design you want as long as it looks good. Strawberry filling for crepe is visually appealing and at the same time mouthwatering. Your kids will beg you to make more for them.

Banana and Chocolate Filled Crepes

The best way to prepare a crepe is to make use of the most common ingredient in your kitchen -chocolate. And to add a healthy toast for your chocolate, bring out the banana in your fridge and make a wonderful crepe combo. Preparing banana-chocolate crepe filling is very simple. Once your pancake is ready, roll out your pan and cook the sliced banana using butter. Once all the bananas are set, lay down your pancake and put the bananas in the center. Start pouring chocolate sauce in a random manner. Once done, it will look far better if you put scoops of ice cream at the top.

There are many tips on how to make crepe filling available for you in the internet but it’s more challenging and enjoyable if you do it by yourself. Once you master the art of making crepe filling, your children will always be home to taste your heavenly offering.

Preparing crepe filling does not only confine to those two basic examples mentioned above. There are varieties of crepe filling that you could come up like chicken and mushroom, chocolate mousse, apple, cream cheese, nutella and many other fillings.

Reinventing crepe filling is an endless process. There are a lot of endless possibilities that you could come up from your kitchen.

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