How To Make Crepes

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Crepes are thin delicate French pancakes which are versatile and tasty. They may be eaten at any time of the day therefore whether you are looking for a decadent dessert or a fulfilling main course, crepes will meet your personal needs. Today, they are popular worldwide and also believed to be a gourmet breakfast. With a few ingredients, one can be able to whip up delicious crepes suitable for any occasion. It takes lots of patience and practice to make your own crepes however, the reward of a tasty breakfast is usually worth it.  Read More

Basic Steps on How to make crepes from scratch

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Who would not like to taste a tasty and creamy crepe? A crepe is originally from France and is considered as a national dish. As it became popular to other parts of the world, the fillings became innovative but still sumptuous. Commonly, crepes are filled with cheese, ham, eggs, spinach, mushrooms and meat products. On the other hand, the simplest of all is the sugar filling only.

At first look, you would say that crepes are like pancakes but crepes are more practical, convenient and versatile. You can choose different fillings and can be easily made or freeze overnight when there is any left. Now you might be asking how to make crepes from scratch. The ingredients needed for making crepes is just available at home and you do not need to bake or make use of other appliances. Read More

How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers for Beginners

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Having an accent of flower inside the room, makes you feel relaxed; it brings a natural beauty to your living spaces.

Do you know that crepe paper can capture the essence of a real flower?

Crepe paper is a raw material that can be useful in many ways; it is more visible especially in party decoration. It is also considered as one of the popular materials in paper flowers.

Creating flowers out of crepe paper is one of the interesting and challenging ventures that you must try. You will enjoy the gorgeous and the natural look of the paper flowers that looks like a real flower. Aside from the look itself, there are numerous of practical advantages that it can offer – it’s more durable than the real flower. It is less expensive because you don’t need to change it from time to time and it lasts longer. You must also put in mind that it should be kept in a dry area to preserve the beauty of the paper flower. Read More

How to Make Crepe Batter

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There is nothing more fulfilling than to have hot crepes with hot cup of cocoa every morning, right? How about some crepes with fruits and maple syrup? If you can’t longer hold your hunger then now is the time to prepare and learn how to make crepe batter the right way. It is important that you learn the basic things that will help you make tasty and firm crepe. Read on and find out how to make the best crepe ever which your loved ones and friends will surely love!

The first thing you should do is to prepare all the necessary cooking equipment and machines that will help you make your crepe right. The first thing you should get and buy is the crepe maker machine. It will help you make perfect crepe at all times. This is the ultimate machine you should buy and make sure to choose the best one. It will help if you will read and consider reviews online to help you find and get the best crepe maker machine in the market today. Read More

How Do You Make Crepes

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Pancakes are now a famous part of the world cuisine. Many countries serve pancakes during various times of the day. When I was younger, pancake was almost an everyday stuff for breakfast. And now I still get my share of pancakes when I can. Because I loved eating pancake, I was introduced to different varieties of them. One of them is called the crepe, a very thin type of pancake made from buckwheat flour of wheat flour. Popular in Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Portugal and Switzerland, crepes are frequently served with large amounts of savory or sweet filling, like ice cream or fruit, sometimes seafood. In Brazil, these crepes are filled with ground meat. Also in other parts of Europe, there are special stands selling crepes, with Nutella for topping. Even in China, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and other East Asian nations, crepes have become popular and are a commonly sold in kiosks and stands. Read More

How to Make Nutella Crepes

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A crepe is a very this pancake that is always sweet and savory. It is originally known to have been a French delicacy but is has become popular all over the world. It is basically a gourmet breakfast and is always available in various restaurants. Most of the Crepes are always filled with chocolate, cream or fruits. Some of the most famous and desired crepes are the nutella crepes for their outstanding flavor. It is therefore worth to learn how to make nutella crepes as this will go along way in rewarding yourself with an excellent delicious breakfast at your own convenience.

Many procedures have been developed on how to make nutella crepes. However, continuous practice and patience are necessary values in order to comfortably be able to make crepes from home. Out of the various recipes used to make nutella crepes, the following recipe will go along way in preparing delicious crepes Read More

How to Make French Crepes

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A crepe is a type of pancake which is very delicate and thin, usually made from wheat flour. French crepes are a perfect dessert and can also be taken during breakfast. They are very easy to make as the procedure is very simple. Don’t worry, I will show you how to make French crepes. So here we go. Read More

Basic Crepe Fillings that will Make your Kids Ask for More

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Eating your favorite crepe would be very boring if it doesn’t have some filling; it may taste like a tissue paper. That is an exaggerated side comment but seriously who would want to eat a plain crepe. Your kids might tell you that your crepe is terrible. For that not to happen, better reinvent your crepe and make them beg you to make them one.

The filling inside your crepe is the most enticing part of eating a crepe. It does not only make your crepe looks good but it will make you salivate. If you want your crepe to be a total knock out to your children and even your visitors in your house, you should think of a creative way on how to make crepe filling. Read More

How To Make Crepe Paper Roses

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Flowers are considered to be the most important things in any wedding. So if you wish to have the flowers be personally made by yourself, then you must consider learning how to make crepe paper roses. Although actual flowers are considered to be more traditional at a wedding, nothing can really beat the amazing art of making your own personal crepe paper flowers with your fianc√©. If you tried to learn how to make crepe paper roses in the pay, then you likely read a Martha Stewart article. Although she is very knowledgeable on these types of arts and craft creations, the articles that her “people/writers” seem to place on her site are quite difficult to understand, especially if you’re not so knowledgeable on arts and craft activities like this. Fortunately, this specific type of creation can easily be done by anyone as long as they are reading a step-by-step article that is easy to read. Read More